Thomas Pedersen


Osteopathy and Yoga for you

Phone: 01462 670675

Letchworth Tennis Club

Muddy Lane

Letchworth, SG6 3TB

Update 25th March - the clinic at letchworth tennis club is now closed until at least 21st of april. As we are all finding the situation changes on a daily basis. because of the new rules on friday the club cannot be open in any shape or form. I am therefore unable to work. for any urgent advice please do call me on 07966018867 and i will try and help.

Corona Virus

Dear all

Unless you have spent the last few weeks with your head tucked into a hole in the ground - you will be aware of the ongoing situation.

We have increased cleaning here and use sanitising gel to minimize any transmission of the virus.

Please don’t attend if you have any of the symptoms of the virus. You can cancel late without any problems or charges from us. We do treat some vulnerable health groups here, so it is imperative that we minimize the chance of infection.

If it becomes necessary or obligatory for us to close, it may not be possible to get hold of you all as I don’t have a central database of everyone’s details that I can access remotely. (yes, I know I am a dinosaur)

Consequently, please make sure you check my Facebook page and subscribe to it as this will be the central hub for any last-minute information from me.