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Letchworth Tennis Club

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14/07/21 Even though the rules and regulations are being relaxed from next week this does not affect your appointment with me. Rules for health appointments are still the same as before. Consequently, you still need to wear a mask and check all the information below on this page.

Also note: the tennis club is going to fully open so consequently please ignore the access instructions in the video below and enter through the tennis club reception like "the good old days" Walk up the gym and wait in the chairs outside my room.

05/04/21 The tennis club is now opening up again so we will go back to previous access arangement as outlined in video below. Please review all the information below and make sure you have seen the video before attending any appointments with me.

For me to practice safely both for you and me, I have had to adapt my practice. You will find the treatment experience has changed. This is done to make sure we are both safe and minimise the risk of any infection spread. Please make sure you watch the video and appreciate all the changes before making up your mind to come for treatment.

Before attending make sure you have checked yourself and your household for Covid 19 symptoms. These include: high temperature, a new continuous cough and loss/change of smell and taste. For more advice please check NHS guidance here.

It is now mandatory to wear a face mask inside and that applies to the treatment room as well.


I hope you can all appreciate why this must be done and will cooperate with the policies outlined below.


If you, after having digested the information on this page, would like to talk to me about booking in please call my reception on the number above.


Access to my clinic room has changed. The main building is now open but we are still using the rear access for the gym and treatment rooms. So please continue to use that as outlined in the video below.

Finally, I have had to adjust my fees to take into account the various pressures the Pandemic has had on me. The new price for treatment will therefore be £43 this is a £5 increase. I hope you can appreciate this was not an easy decision, but it is however an essential one for me to continue to operate my business.

Many thanks



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